See You in February 2015

UPDATE: My hiatus from writing was longer than I expected, and firing back up a regular commitment grew more and more difficult as time passed. It was a challenging year - both professionally, with the growth at Springboard to 7 full-time staff, and personally, with the unexpected death of my 30-year-old brother Brent.

But I am looking forward to returning to sharing the things I learn, the people I meet, and bringing visibility to inspiring work I see at play in the venture world, remote working, travel, and beyond. Here's to 2015!

For the last several months, I've kept to my commitment of posting twice each week, every Tuesday and every Friday. It has been a great challenge and I have learned a lot in my short time writing.

One important thing I learned was the power of making the commitment. It helped me click publish, even when I could have sent it through just one more round of edits. It helped motivate me to write, even when it was late on a post day and I hadn't yet finished an article. It was a guiding force.

But commitments can and should change. They should be flexible, and they should be revisited periodically.

So as I looked at my upcoming schedule, I have decided to revisit my twice-weekly commitment, put up a brief "blog vacation message" and use the month of July to decide what should come next.

I will make a new commitment beginning in August. See you then.