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Inviting Criticism

Grigio Estoque by Damian Morys via Flickr

Being a perfectionist has it's pros and cons, especially for those that work with and for startups.

It can be good to take pride in your work and to produce good work, but not when perfect becomes the enemy of good.

When it came to writing, I struggled with this problem for a long time. It's why I waited years before making my commitment to writing. Still, even now, I don't feel I'm writing about all the things I want to out of the fear of criticism.

When I moved to Italy with my wife last year, we purchased a used car from Carmax. Their used cars are certified and pristine, and our Ford Fiesta was no exception.

We took that car to Naples, where there's only one rule when driving: don't hit anything in front of you.

At first we were cautious whenever we drove and we were fearful about getting the first scratch. When we did, it was liberating.

I've been thinking about being a new writer, and how getting criticized is like getting that first scratch. Once it happens you are liberated.

Thanks in advance for giving me my first scratch. I'm eager for the dialogue.