How to Lean Back and Get the Best VC and Startup News By Email

10 Emails Every Entrepreneur and Investor Should Get

If you're building a company, investing in companies, or somewhere in the middle like I am, time is an especially precious commodity.

Lean-back news services like Watchup (video) and Stitcher (audio) can give you high-level exposure broadly to important world news, but when it comes to industry news, engagement is the best way to discover relevant content.

The problem is that engagement takes time. If you're like me, you are awed by the people who are able to engage their networks almost continuously on social media, posting to twitter, facebook, linkedin, hacker news, and other outlets.

I'm not one of those people.

So despite being addicted to beta-testing new apps, I still find that good old-fashioned email is the best lean-back way to surface the content in the VC and startup space that I need to know.

First, subscribe to these ten newsletters and digests:

  1. Newsle -
  2. Nuzzel -
  3. Mattermark Daily -
  4. Disruption Corporation Insider -
  5. Quora Digest -
  6. Medium Digest -
  7. -
  8. Rock Weekly (Healthcare) -
  9. Term Sheet by Dan Primack -
  10. PandoDigest -

Then, roll up the rest.

I let these hit my inbox, along with our Springboard newsletter, but roll the rest up into which makes every other newsletter, alert, and product update skip your inbox and get compiled into a single daily digest. I recommend you do the same.