Adventures in Venture and Capital

Life can be very unpredictable. Six years ago I was on a pre-medicine track at Georgetown, working at a neuroscience lab and planning to become a radiologist. Then I discovered entrepreneurship and found my calling at Springboard Enterprises where I've worked with tech and life science entrepreneurs and investors ever since.

Communicating is a big part of my role at Springboard, yet as an introvert (INFJ according to Myers-Briggs) I've developed a strong filter that limits anything I have shared publicly in a blog post or on social media. Sharing my thoughts, stories, and ideas with the world scares the crap out of me.

The problem with hiding behind a filter is that we are moving to a world where a person's public image and writing takes the place of the traditional resume. We're seeing a generation of kids that never knew the world without Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat. They share everything. They are comfortable living in the public. They are the ones already thriving in social media and community manager positions because this is their world now.

The future will be filled with a generation that is inherently social. There won't be room in leadership for people who don't know how to get a message heard through the noise.

Hello World, today I am making a personal commitment to writing.

Making a commitment to writing isn't easy if you're in the startup world. There are always a million other priorities fighting for your time and attention. I admire those that have figured out this dilemma and write anyway.

It's taken me a long time to get to this point. I just read James Clear's manifesto about building habits rather than chasing goals, and devoured at least ten posts on Medium about writing, Springboard advisor Heidi Roizen's first post, Stef Lewandowski's 100 Pieces, and many other intro posts from entrepreneurs and investors.

I've decided every good "Hello World!" post needs a good story and then three simple things: what you'll write about, when you'll write about it, and why you'll write about it.

I will write about relationships, networks, startups and capital.

I'll share what I learn about the venture world, and my path to becoming an entrepreneur and an investor. I'll talk about running an accelerator program, and the challenges of managing personal relationships with hundreds of colleagues around the world while working remotely. I'll share my fascination with the psychology of business and with finding new ways to be productive and efficient.

I will post something new every Tuesday and Friday.

It won't be a certain length, and I can't promise it will always be pretty. But I will be consistent.

I will write for you and for me. It's a two-way street.

I want my writing to be practical and useful to those of you that will read it. My goal is to make your life easier. But I also am writing for myself, to work through challenges I face and questions I have. I hope the process of writing will enable me to become a better entrepreneur, a better investor, and a better person.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this new adventure. Follow me at @joshuahenderson if you'd like to stay in touch.