About Me

Hi, I'm Joshua Henderson.

For my entire professional career, I’ve worked on solutions that leverage diversity of thought and human capital to support overlooked and underrepresented populations in in the venture ecosystem.

I'm currently on a mission to increase the number of successful women entrepreneurs building scalable, sustainable businesses. The world needs the unique leadership qualities that women bring to business.

I engage in a variety of efforts to address the venture world's diversity problem and to help create one success story at a time:

Organizing programs that provide women access and exposure to relevant sources of human and financial capital: As the Vice President of Springboard Enterprises, I have overseen our programs globally for over ten years and the processes we run to recruit, evaluate, select, and coach our companies.

Elevating the visibility of women entrepreneurial leaders: We tirelessly promote our Springboard Alumnae Entrepreneurs by advocating behind the scenes to create opportunities that give them recognition and press.

Writing and speaking about the gender diversity problem to drive toward solutions: I look for every opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and organizations in this space, and informally advise a number of accelerator programs supporting women entrepreneurial leaders.

Creating resources and sharing lessons I've learned that will help women entrepreneurs save time or money:

About Me (Professional)

With a focus on the Life Sciences industry and a passion for underserved markets, Joshua Henderson’s expertise is in building diverse networks of business experts and in making valuable connections that catalyze the growth of early-stage companies. Joshua is currently the Vice President of Springboard Enterprises, the premier global network of women innovators transforming industries. For over ten years, Joshua has directed its programs and led the efforts to recruit, select, and advise over 350 Springboard portfolio companies since 2008. Prior to Springboard, Joshua founded and chaired Georgetown University’s Business Plan Competition (now Hoya Challenge) and helped spark an entrepreneurial movement across the University, where he graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and English. Follow him on Twitter at @joshuahenderson.

About Me (Personal)

Everything I do is driven by a desire to have a positive impact in this world, and to leave it having lived a life of meaning.

I believe life is too short and precious not to approach every moment with 1000% of our attention and effort. The deep pain of loss taught me this - my father passed away in 2008 from Multiple Myeloma and my brother Brenton Henderson committed suicide in 2014. I miss both dearly.

Through it all, I have had my soulmate and travel buddy Meghan Henderson with me through good and bad. Her job took us overseas in Fall 2014, when I began working remotely from Italy, Germany, and other places as we travel around the world collecting new experiences and happy memories.

Thank you for stopping by to say hello. I truly hope my writing helps, even if in just some small way, to make your life easier or better or happier.